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Making Pop-up editions

Paul Johnson • April 17th - 18th • Beechingstoke • £170

On this workshop you will make at least two miniature pop-up books published as editions. We begin by laying out the book form as an A4 master from which colour copies are made on a domestic computer copier. These are hand cut and assembled into copies of the book. We will look at techniques for writing simple narratives, poems or reflections - you may wish to bring a favourite short poem of your choice - but the book can be wordless, comprising artwork or decorative collage designs. So do not think that you have to be a writer or artist to attend this workshop.

It is intriguing to make a 3D book from a single sheet of paper and then send copies of your edition to friends as gifts!

The Architecture of Paper

Dario Zeruto • June 12th - 14th • Beechingstoke • £290

The general objective of the workshop is to explore paper’s potential in 3D form: starting with the physical properties of paper you will experiment with various folding techniques, resulting in an object of creation and design. Dario will show the relation of fold lines to a sheet of paper, how to divide geometric patterns, how to work with the concept of repetition, pattern and rhythm within design, how to create graph charts of 3D structures and much more. Everyone will complete a special project.

For binders, book artists, architects or anyone with an interest in 3D design and the challenge of transforming paper into art.

Binding in the Style of Jean de Gonet

Suzanne Schmollgruber • July 30th - August 3rd • Beechingstoke • £460

In this course we will complete a half leather binding in the style of Jean de Gonet.

In the early 1970’s, Jean de Gonet revolutionised the French Bibliophile community with the introduction of his unique binding style. Working originally as a graphic artist, Gonet soon dedicated himself to bookbinding and developed an exciting new binding technique where the structural aspects of the binding become integral to the design.

The binding we will create in the workshop has exposed sewing along the spine. The cover boards are designed separatly from the book block, but it is at the attachment of the boards where design and structure are brought together.                                                                                                                                                                                   

The Hand Printed Exquisite Corpse Book

Emily Martin September 12 - 14th • Beechingstoke • £310

Participants will execute fanciful or serious images of creatures (human or otherwise) and learn a wide variety of hand printing techniques using stencils, collage, relief printing from wire, hand-made stamps, gelatin printing and other paper decoration techniques. Each participant will make multiples of their images to be exchanged among the group and then each will bind these collected pages in to a book. (The type of binding will be discussed during the class.)

Innovative Album Structures

Kylin Lee Acherman • October 13th - 15th • Beechingstoke • £290

This workshop will be an exploration of a variety of innovative album structures. Over the course of three days we will make models that vary from sleek and simple to elegantly complex. We will start with a Flex-Spine album that uses metal, wood, fiberglass or acrylic rods as the ‘backbone’ of the binding as well as enabling us to exactly calibrate the amount of space required to accommodate the album content. We will then progress to several variations that allow us to elegantly build photos, prints or artworks directly into a page structure. This workshop will offer a great starting point to adapt a structure to your own ideas and materials. The variation and possibilities are boundless!

Please note that this is not a repeat of Kylin’s class in 2016. It is an extension with further developments. It’s perfect for those who have already studied with her but you do not need to have attended her earlier workshop to sign up for this.


Benjamin Elbel • November 6th - 8th • Beechingstoke • £290

In this workshop, Benjamin Elbel will introduce Pianel®, his latest design: a bookbinding structure that uses the piano hinge as a main structural and visual feature.

Pianel® has a vey reduced outlook with all the unsightly elements of the piano hinge tucked away in a neat, nifty construction, leaving only two clean vertical lines on the outside separating the spine and boards. Shiny dots of polished brass rods complete the head and tail.

The process behind the result is simple but requires a lot of precision and planning. A highly rewarding project taught here for the first time.