2019/2020 Programme

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all classes run from 10 - 4/5


November 5th - 7th      Layer by Layer                    tutor: Rita Lass

November 19th            Dos Rapporté                      tutor: Lori Sauer


November 20th            The Shrigley                         tutor: Lori Sauer


February 12th - 13th     Binder's Wallet                    tutor: Lori Sauer

March 18th - 20th         Pure Naked Beauty             tutors: Claudia Benvestito, Lori Sauer                                                                                                               

April 21st -24th              French Finishing                 tutor: Hélène Jolis

September 8th - 11       Suspended Bindings         tutor: Sün Evrard

October 21st -23rd        Asymmetrical Boxes           tutor: Kylin Lee Acherman

November 20th               The Elbum                           tutor: Lori Sauer

November 21st               Tue-Mouche                        tutor: Lori Sauer


Layer by Layer

Rita Lass    November 5th - 7th    £295

Rita starts with an overview of the possibilities in paper decoration. Over the course of 3 days she will demonstrate various unique techniques through the playful handling of colours and shapes. The focus is to create one-off graphics and small format sheets in order to explore many options and variations. Participants will create designs with striking depth of colour, achieved through layering translucent inks, as well as dynamic surface imagery using painterly methods and geometric patterns.

Work begins with the resist technique, building up the surface layer by layer with washes of diluted ink. She will also show how techniques can be combined with each other.

These papers are prefect for both the covers and end-sheets of books.

All skill levels welcome.


Dos Rapporté

Lori Sauer    November 19th    £95

The Dos Rapporté binding is a sleek and refined method of spine and board attachment giving a perfectly flat opening. It has an elegant and contemporary character and the clean surface invites many possibilities for design. During

the day participants complete a full cloth binding.

All skill levels welcome.


The Shrigley

Lori Sauer    November 20th    £95

The Shrigley is a clever and unconventional method for binding a collection of paper documents of the same size (such as postcards, photos, etc.) without the need for glue, plastic sleeves or photo corners. It has an ingenious two-sided mount that forms a frame on each page. Participants learn how to fold the perfect concertina when making the book's spine. If time allows, two albums will be made, one with exposed sewing on the spine and another with a wrap around cover.

Waiting list only.

All skill levels welcome.



Binders Wallet

Lori Sauer    February 12th, 13th    £200

This neat little book is inspired by the wallets fly fishermen use to protect and carry their precious hooks, flies, lines and other bits and pieces. The originals come in various forms but typically have parchment pages sewn into pockets with central leaves of thick felt. They can be covered in leather or canvas and have further pockets on the inner cover. They are held togeter with a buckled strap or metal fastener.


The books made in this workshop incoporate three methods of page attachment, all with no sewing. The leaves are made from strong  non-woven polyester and wrapped in beautiful hide. They are adapted to hold the smaller items of a binder's basic kit and can easily be carried in the hand.


Lori continues her investigations into fly wallets and by the time of the workshop there will no doubt be more discoveries.

No fishing experience required. Sewing machines are needed to make the inner pockets and are available for those who don't have their own.


Pure Naked Beauty

Claudia Benvestito, Lori Sauer

March 18th - 20th    £310

Medieval techniques on double supports are the strongest and most durable sewing ever known. Workshop participants will create a very strong sewing structure with an extremely pleasant appearance: the knot-tack sewing on split-strap supports. Pearls of thread settled in the middle of the strap will stand proudly on the spine. This old technique is going to be translated into a modern variant made without a sewing frame. Italian back-beaded primary endbands will reinforce the head and tail of the book block and secondary crowned sewing enhances their appeal. The two techniques will enrich the pure beauty of the eventual contemporary binding. 


Lori Sauer will take over from Claudia and show students how to bind their sewn books in a pared down adaptation of an old structure the she has brought up to date - all will be revealed in the class.

Experience required.


French Finesse

lène Jolis   April 21st - 24th   £425


Techniques taught in this workshop of contemporary decorative techniques open real possibilities for today's creative work. The methods are adapted to the need of most designer bookbinders, from beginners to professionals, without requiring an investment of costly tools. Students will focus on developing the skills of modern inlay, onlay, relief, juxtaposition and incision techniques. Each student will work on one or two leather-covered panels, following a design pattern created by Hélène. Students will begin with simple exercises that will lead to more complicated designs as the week progresses. Using a variety of materials such as wood, metal, different kinds of leather and small objects, students will learn a new way to approach the aforementioned techniques, with a special focus on inlays. The techniques taught are easily accessible to everyone and will lead to precision, finesse and an improved quality of work. The objective is to lead the student to a technical understanding that will serve to stimulate creativity. 

The image is a binding done by Hélèn for Monique Mathieu. 

Most levels of experience are accommodated but please enquire if in doubt.



Sün Evrard    September 8th - 11th    £425

Sün Evrard returns to BINDING re:DEFINED to deliver a brand new class, filled with her own special approach and distinctive style. Over the past few years she has been developing and re-imagining inventive ways to display books: the suspended binding was born along with bindings that exist away from the shelf, as objects.

The workshop is arranged in 3 parts:

1) Creating a model in paper in order to learn the details of the mechanics. The original version of this structure comes from Hedi Kyle.

2) Making a binding in leather with suede flyleaves and fore-edge rods.

3) Creating a binding in stone veneer sewn on double tapes that form rings on the spine for suspension.


This promises to be an amazing exploration of books and how they occupy space, pushing our conceptions of what a binding can be. Don't miss a chance to work with one of our best known and respected binders.     

Experience required.


Playful and Practical

Kylin Lee Acherman    October 21st -23rd    £310


Clean lines, geometric forms and smart, functional design inspire this box making workshop. Over three days we will build three different boxes. We start with a sleek little case for business cards with a snappy magnetic closure. The practical and durable form will make it something that you'll always want to have handy in your pocket or bag. The second structure will be a book box with a magnetic flap closure. This is a great structure that is easily adaptable to a range of sizes and uses. Finally we will make a small triangular box that utilizes a playful and mysterious magnetic hinge. It will be a fun workshop to open your eyes to some new and sensible approaches to box making as well as a primer on incorporating powerful and versatile neodymium magnets.


Basic experience. 


Lori Sauer is teaching the following pair of one-day workshops about two structures developed by Benjamin Elbel.They take place on consecutive days so that participants can come to one or both.

Lori Sauer is a certified instructor for Elbel Libro.

The Elbum

Lori Sauer    November 20th    £100

Participants make a very unique album that uses only friction to hold its pages in to the specially folded spine. The cover is made from a folded, single piece of material that results in multi-ply boards. It is very chic and stylish, perfect for holding postcards, photos, prints or anything printed on single sheets.

All skill levels welcome.



Lori Sauer    November 21st      £100

Tue-mouche bindings are semi-flexible bindings in folded paper or vellum that are suitable for artist books, conservation bindings or stationery. The spine construction derives from the 'dos rapporté' binding and offers a flawless opening. The name (fly-catchers) refers to the main component of the bindings: paper (or vellum) strips, sometimes very long, that could be coated with glue to catch imaginary creatures... in fact we will use very little or no glue at all in this workshop aimed at those who enjoy the magic of  folding.

Basic experience required.